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BNF Pros - "A Company that can be trusted". I had other companies come by and were unable to help me out. Contractor Rick was very professional. A free inspection and insurance claim was provided. At first the insurance company didn't fully approve the roof and siding, but that didn't stop BNF. They worked their magic by going back and forth with the insurance and in the end the roof and siding was approved for a full replacement! Oh, and I didn't have any out of pocket expense except the deductible. I highly recommend "MY" BNF Pros.

- Rich Santiago.


Rick knocked at my door and informed me that there was a major storm that affected my area and had most likely damaged my roof. Rick asked me if he can inspect the roof, at first I was hesitant because I didn't know the contractor, but I decided to give him a try. He inspected my roof, provided a full report on all the damages, and made a claim. Three weeks later, I had a brand new roof and it looks great. I feel so lucky to have given BNF a try. Thanks to "MY" BNF Pros, I am ready for winter.

- Nancy Barrios

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We provide the Pros so that You avoid the cons.